El Proyecto

Convergence of Visual Artists 2010

The SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS Project is a bi-national initiative in which artists from a variety of disciplines interact to generate cultural exchange between Mexico and Canada.

It consists of an artists’ residence program from April to June 2010 in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS will consist of a series of talks, lectures, roundtables, community-outreach programs, interaction with students and local creators, as well as two exhibitions and the publication of the event’s memoirs.

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS aims to be interdisciplinary and intercultural. Its goal is to foster collaboration between artists and to repay society in the process. It is a vehicle of cooperation that seeks inspiration in the cultural differences between Mexico and Canada.

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS is an Artist’s Residence + Talks + Workshops + Roundtables + Exhibitions + Publication of a memoir

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS is FRONDA and it will be held in three municipalities in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, from April to June 2010.


For eight artists to spend eight weeks in four locations in the state of Hidalgo to explore, research, and create a work group, stimulated by its history, flora, and fauna, its raw materials, its environment, its people, and its culture and to capture it through video, sound, photos, installation, performance, poetry, objects, drawings. SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS hopes that the results of this creative process will have an impact on the community, that it will encourage reflection on nature, the environment, migration, animals in extinction.


The public will have access to SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS through talks, workshops, roundtables, contact between creators and the community. Two exhibitions based on the work developed during the exchange, in addition to a publication that will include documentation of the process and the body of artwork resulting from the artists’ residence in Hidalgo, Mexico.


• Talks, workshops, roundtables, contact between artists and the community, which will be carried out in four municipalities in the state: Pachuca, Real del Monte, Huasca, and Epazoyucan, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.
• Display in the artist's workshop, Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico.
• Exhibition in the Galería El Cuartel del Arte, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.
• Presentation of the published memoirs, Pachuca, Hidalgo.