The project

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS is a bi-national initiative, which involved cross-disciplinary artists to create a cultural exchange between Mexico and Canada.

The Artistic Residency took place from April to June 2010 in Hidalgo, Mexico. SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiSconducted a series of lectures, conferences, roundtables, outreach activities with the community, linking students and local artists. This 2011 we will conclude with this project; during the months of January and February a series of workshops given by the invited artists will be held artists, an exhibition as well as an editorial presentation of the project memory.

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS aims the interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration between artists and seeks their contribution to society. It´s the cooperation conveyer seeking nourishment from the cultural differences between Mexico and Canada.

SiMBiOSiS SyMBiOSiS= Artistic Residency + Talks, Workshops+ Roundtables + Exhibition + Project Printed Memory.